Foundation – Cheer Planet – 1996

The company was founded in 1996 by Miss Tanja Hermanns. Was primarily specified in the cheerleading industry, but later grew towards dance, ballet & pole wear.


Additional Label – Atelier Angel Wings – 2014

Pole & yoga outfits were produced under this label from 2014 – 2016.


Closing – Cheer Planet/Angel Wings – 2016

During the time of reorientation, the company closed.


Reestablishment – Angelwings Athletics Wear – 2017

After 21 years, it was finally time for a change and to globalize in this business. The company was founded with a new concept and name.


Due to the well-grounded Know-How of the business and area-wide offer for sportswear, the old name and concept “Cheer Planet” was overdue and in need of new paintwork.




Owner – Tanja Krämer

Tanja Hermanns was always passionate about dance and sport. She herself, was active 35 years as a dancer in the areas of cheerleading, cheerdance, street jazz, hip hop, ballet, poledance, yoga and also surfing. Therefore, she knows how important it is for sportswear to have the perfect fit and high-quality fabric.


As a qualified tailor and fashion designer, she had the skills and requirements to establish her own sports fashion business.


High-quality fabrics, superior manufacturing, precise fitting and a lot of love to dance, are all factors contributing to the uniqueness of Angel Wings Outfits.

Our sole purpose is to make each person look sexy, beautiful, and sporty.

Angel Wings is not a brand, it’s a lifestyle.



The Business had remarkable achievements:

  • It equipped half of the NFL Europe Team.

  • Main supplier of the BBL Dance Teams

  • Main Supplier of ALBA Berlin

  • Cheer Planet also produced outfits for commercial industries such as Coca Cola & Kodak Color

  • In the movie industry, Cheer Planet produced uniforms for movies like “Alarm für Cobra 11”, and equipped sportswear for Usher & Robert di Nero in the movie “Hands of Stone”. They also crafted cheerleading outfits for the movie “Bad Fucking”.

  • Well known Pole Dancers in the Pole Dance community like multiple World Champion Yvonna Haug, Rania El Asami, Nadine Rebel, Lea Roth and Mia Lang wore Angel Wings outfits for competition and shows on television.